Fantasies For Men Guide

Are you always asking your man what he wants for a gift? And is he the standard male who already buys what he wants for himself? Well, ladies, then I am going to let you in on a very intimate secret. He wants sexy fun with you. Even more specifically, he wants you to initiate, take lead, and surprise him. Also, he wants some time where he is not pressured to expend efforts focusing on your pleasure. And I can promise this gift will result in ongoing returns for you.

Here are the top male fantasies based on our quiz results you can use as a sexy activity list. For the hot and spicy, of course be sure to consider your comforts and discuss ahead of time as needed. HAVE FUN!

Fairly Tame

o Get yourself in the mood by reading erotic fiction.

o Give your guy three hand jobs in one day: morning, afternoon, and evening.

o Bring porn to watch with your man. (Free Sites: PornHub, YouPorn, RedTube)

o Masturbate while letting your man watch.

o Get yourself aroused, hop on top of your man, and...
o o ride him making him cum as quickly as possible.
o o keep him inside you without making him cum as long as possible.

o Get some new toys:
o o one you want to use on yourself.
o o one you want your guy to use on you.
o o one you can ride. (Example: Dildo/Vibe mixed with Liberator BonBon/Wing)


o Go out without wearing a bra and catch attention from guys looking at your pokies.

o Pleasure yourself in the car while your man is driving.

o Go out in a skirt without panties (or crotchless panties as a start) and let your man get surprise views and feels.

o Wear a remote control vibrating toy while out and let your man have the controls.

o Go to a strip club together.


o Get frisky together in a public place.

o Practice attempting female ejaculation.

o Wear a remote control vibrating toy while out and let friends and/or strangers have the controls.

o Flirt with guys at a bar or club and let them get a little touchy feely.

o Go to a sex club together -- you can always just watch.